Modbus network for hospital water treatment

Six SmartScan50 were connected via a RS485 ModBus network in order to monitor the level in hospital water treatment tanks.

The Challenges

The customer needed to measure the level and determine when to fill or to empty each tank after or during the treatment.

  • Light foam was present
  • A communication network was required

Before choosing SolidAT’s SmartScan, the customer tried other technologies but faced reliability problems.

The Solution

SmartScan 50 was chosen for the project for the following reasons:

  • SmartScan50 is designed for harsh environments, and easily overcomes light foam.
  • SmartScan 50 supports Modbus communication in a network of up to 247units.

Six Smartscan50 were connected via RS485 Modbus to a supervising software. A touch screen panel enabled the operator to view the bar graph of the level, to start or stop the filling or the emptying processes and to see the alarms. Each SmartScan 50 activates two or three relay alarms, depending on the tank, referring to high or low levels.

Customer comments

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