Model 540MT “Shines” in Georgia Clays

Light-weight, shallow sampling machine finds perfect niche

Ever since Jeff Johnson, owner of Environmental Monitoring Services (EMS) in Acworth, GA, purchased his Geoprobe® Model 540MT early this year, he has pushed a full gambit of tools with the machine. Macro-Core®, DT21, SP15, LB, Soil Gas, and even Prepacked Monitoring Wells have all been used under the EMS 540MT. The machine was up for the challenge and according to Jeff, “the machine really shines.” EMS added the 540MT to their fleet to accommodate an ever-growing demand for shallow direct push services. “We routinely find the 540MT outperforms any other type of rig for these types of services,” Jeff said. “The light weight of this unit enables us to winch it down slopes and into areas that no other rig can reach.”

According to Jeff, the 540MT’s weight (less than 1,000 pounds) isn’t the only reason he likes his Geoprobe® machine. “When the Georgia soils get tough, the flexibility of the machine makes it shine!” EMS requested that a special receiver mount be designed for the machine which enables them to couple it to almost any three-quarter-ton or larger vehicle. They’ve also used the universal 2-in. receiver mount on a skid steer. Several site-related issues were encountered on one particular project, “but the 540MT did its job flawlessly,” Jeff recalled. The major issue: the site was under a school. EMS needed to delineate the plume from an underground storage tank site, where the school is now located, and determine the site lithology. Since they were also working inside the school building, accessibility and maneuverability were important. Because of its size, the Model 540MT was easily pulled by hand down the hallways and into the classrooms. Other obstacles they encountered were small doorways, low ceilings, tight clays, and concrete. After changing the tire size to accommodate 35-in. doorways and removing a few ceiling tiles to obtain clearance, “we were able to core through the concrete and get down to the 40-foot depth without anchoring the machine,” Jeff explained. EMS used Macro-Core®, DT21, and SP15 sampling systems at the school site.

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