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Modeling As A Tool For Investigating Ifas Processes

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Utilization of biomass carriers for upgrading existing plants has been receiving increased attention in recent years and has resulted in a growing body of literature. In this study, data sets generated from operational integrated fixed film/activated sludge (IFAS) and fluidized fixed film systems (FFFR) systems reported in the literature were used to assess a model's representation of fundamental outcomes. Three plants were employed for the study: the Waterdown STP (IFAS), the Moorhead WWTF (FFFR) and Royal Roads University Pilot Plant (FFFR). The impact of process variables on performance was evaluated by modifying operational and influent parameters in the model such as SRT, temperature, dissolved oxygen, BOD and TKN (using default model parameters) and comparing the results to reported findings. Similarly, the effect of calibration parameters was evaluated by modifying each parameter considered and recording output nitrification rates.

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