Modeling trihalomethane formation for Jabal Amman water supply in Jordan

A mathematical model that expresses Total trihalomethane (TTHM) concentration in terms of initial chlorine concentration, total organic carbon, bromide ion concentration, contact time, and pH is developed for Zai water treatment plant which supplies water to Jabal Amman. The developed mathematical model is for constant temperature of 20°C. To adjust model calculated TTHM concentrations for temperatures other than 20°C, another mathematical model that expresses TTHM growth rate as function of temperature is also developed. To test the ability of the two developed models in predicting TTHM concentrations throughout water supplies, a sampling program that aimed at measuring TTHM concentrations in addition to the predictors in the two developed mathematical models namely, chlorine concentration, bromide ion concentration, total organic carbon, temperature and pH throughout Jabal Amman water supply was conducted. The two developed mathematical models and WaterCad, which was used to determine water age, were used to predict TTHM concentrations throughout Jabal Amman water supply. Predicted TTHM concentrations were compared to actual TTHM concentrations measured during the sampling program. Results showed that there is good agreement between measured and, calculated TTHM concentrations, which means that the method presented in this paper, can be used to obtain good estimates of TTHM concentrations throughout networks.

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