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Modelling of aerosol in the Greater Athens Area, Greece

Aerosols have recently been defined as a serious atmospheric pollution problem in the Greater Athens Area (GAA). This research is mainly focused on assessing the PM10 concentration levels in the GAA atmosphere through simulations. The model results of the chemical constituents of PM10 are satisfactory comparing to measurements; the discrepancies are attributed to the re-suspended and seaborne aerosols that are not simulated. Predictions and observations show a significant contribution of organic and sulphate species to the organic and inorganic fraction of PM10, respectively. After sensitivity tests were carried out, it is shown that the industrial activity results in higher PM10 concentrations and affects a greater area than transportation sources.

Keywords: aerosols, PM10, Athens, atmospheric dispersion modelling, REMSAD, air pollution, air quality, pollutant concentration, simulation, aerosol pollution

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