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Modelling of batch adsorption of metal ions onto sago waste

Adsorption kinetics of lead, copper and zinc ions onto sago waste were investigated in batch system. A two-resistance mass transfer model, namely the Film-Solid Diffusion Model (FSDM) which consisted of an external resistance and intra-particle resistance was applied to describe the experimental data successfully. The external mass transfer coefficient (kƒ) values were 1.85 ×10−2 ± 4.74% cm/s for Pb/sago waste system, 9.06 × 10−3 ± 4.14% cm/s for Cu/sago waste, and 6.08 × 10−3 ± 2.43% cm/s for Zn/sago waste system. Solid diffusivity values (Ds) were found to increase with increasing initial metal concentration and decreasing adsorbent mass.

Keywords: FSDM, film-solid diffusion model, metal ions, adsorbent mass, kinetics, external mass transfer, diffusivity, modelling, batch adsorption, sago waste, lead ions, copper ions, zinc ions, solid diffusivity values

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