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Modelling of coastal hydrogeology of Krishna delta in India

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Numerical techniques are widely used for modelling groundwater aquifers. Hydrological models are generally concept based and highly non-linear due to complex parameterisation as compared to models of other disciplines. Calibration and validation of such models cannot follow conventional methods borrowed from other disciplines many times due to scale of the model domain. In the present paper, groundwater flow model of Krishna delta region on the east coast of India has been developed with due consideration for the coastal boundary conditions, using three-dimensional United States Geological Survey (USGS) algorithm MODFLOW. Non-linearities involved in the model behaviour were solved a priory to make the task of MODFLOW calibration linear. Steady state calibration technique brings a perfect match between the observed and the computed groundwater levels in the transient run.

Keywords: regional modelling, MODFLOW, calibration, multi-aquifer, hydraulic conductivity, storativity, recharge, draft, coastal boundaries, India, coastal hydrogeology, groundwater aquifers, hydrological models, groundwater levels, transient run

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