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Modelling of multipurpose spintronic devices

Modelling of spin transport and spin dynamics, as a prerequisite for designing spintronic devices, is considered. Spin injection into a semiconductor under charge depletion, charge neutrality, and charge accumulation is investigated. The existence of a maximum spin current density in the bulk at a large spin current density at the interface in charge accumulation is related to the spin current at the charge neutrality condition. Then, a novel multipurpose spintronic device is proposed and its structure as well as its working principle is explained. Two important applications for this structure, a flip flop and a nano–scale oscillator, are further elucidated and the properties related to these applications are investigated.

Keywords: spin drift diffusion, spin injection, spin transport, spin dynamics, spin threshold current, spin transfer torque, flip flop, latch, bias–field free nano–oscillators, multipurpose spintronic devices, large scale integration, nanotechnology, spintronics, modelling, semiconductors, charge depletion, charge neutrality, charge accumulation

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