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Modelling the palm kernel oil extraction process in a hot-water medium

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The physical process was modelled to create understanding and better assess the performance of a palm kernel oil extraction system. Mathematical models were developed to describe the extraction of palm kernel oil in hot-water from the comminuted particles. The models developed included parameters such as particle size, moisture content and charge ratio, all as a function of time. Experimental data were used to evaluate the oil recovery performance. The theoretical models were used to simulate the oil extraction process and the validity and accuracy of the predicted results were compared with experimental data. The assessment indicated that the model fitted the data from the extraction tests with coefficient of correlation (r) varying from 0.9881 to 0.9981 and absolute average percentage deviation from 4.0 to 8.9 in the range of the parameters studied.

Keywords: mathematical modelling, hot water extraction, palm kernel oil, physical process, particle size, moisture content, charge ratio, palm oil recovery, simulation

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