Modern Techniques Speed Model Build Times

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A computerised hydraulic model is a representation of the real world designed to facilitate calculations or predictions of system performance. As a tool the model will often be simplified to key strategic assets, but it is imperative that these still accurately represent the actual physical processes occurring. Models allow us to improve our understanding of the system, check operational data, try different augmentation scenarios and also consolidate large amounts of data from a variety of sources into one simpler common form. Simply put, it’s quicker, safer and cheaper than testing theories on the physical system.

Historically the modelling effort has focused large amounts of time and resources onto the model creation stage, often leaving insufficient time for calibration and engineering. This has now changed significantly, as advances in GIS, Asset Management and modelling software mean that the model building time can be substantially reduced, increasing the amount of engineering analysis that is undertaken and improving the development and analysis of solutions.


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