Modular service averts a shutdown


The Problem: A 35,000-gallon system was filled with a soluble oil. Rapid indexing of central filtration system began, and machining problems began to develop. Oversized parts began to be produced. The plant CMP called in SRS to see if the system could be saved. Preliminary testing indicated a soluble oil concentration of 5% with dirt levels of 1545 PPM and total oil at 18%.

The SRS Service: Since the system could not be shut down, a modular service approach was chosen. Based on the customer’s time frame and the size of the system, SRS developed a two-week program to purify the system. A SR-1020 purification module, specifically designed to purify metalworking fluid, was recommended.

The initial system examination indicated:

  • extremely high tramp oil levels were blinding off the central filtration media and leading to rapid indexing
  • excessive dirt levels were affecting the interlock switches and leading to oversize parts.

The purification plan called for setting up the module to remove sediment and tramp oil for the first week, and tramp oil only for the second week. SRS technicians continually tested the in-process fluid for stability and contamination levels, meanwhile monitoring and adjusting the purification unit for optimal purification, during the two-week period.

The Results: In just 24 hours, machine operators began to see improvements in machine cleanness and dirt build-up on switches. Short cycling and oversized parts were eliminated. Overall, tramp oil levels were reduced by 8.3%, and dirt levels were reduced to 322 ppm. Cost savings resulted from savings in machining coolant and filter media, and elimination of oversized parts. A total system dump and recharge, accompanied by unexpected and unacceptable downtime, was averted. Production rates were met.

Cost Savings Produced………$12,400.

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