Moisture detection for semi gases via EP-IR Spectroscopy



  • EP-IR is a new technology that provides opportunities for uncharted territories
  • One of these territories is moisture analysis
  • What limit of detection for moisture can be achieved?


  • Encoded Photometric-Integrated Real-Time Gas Analysis Solution
    • Incorporates an Aspectrics 128 channel EP-IR spectrometer and an integrated CIC Photonics 6m 4Runner long path gas cell

Analysis Equipment

  • EP-IR Spectrometer
    • Encoding disk
    • 128 wavelength channels
    • Vibration insensitivity
  • Compact (short path) spectrograph
    • Mid IR range
    • TE-cooled detector
  • 4Runner Long Path Gas Cell
    • 6m pathlength
    • Integrated IR source
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Laminar gas flow
    • High energy throughput ~40%

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