Moisture measurement with M-Sens 2 - Case Study


Courtesy of ENVEA


A manufacturer of wood pellets processes raw material such as planing chips or wood chips (wood waste) to make wood pellets.

After delivery of the wood waste, it is cleaned from extraneous material like metal and stones by a separator. Afterwards the material is crushed by a hammer mill and then dried. The crushed material is then transported by a conveyor belt through a 90 °C convection oven.

After leaving the oven a screw conveyor transports the wood chips to a storage silo. To assure the material quality, it is desirable for the moisture of the material to be measured during its transport to the storage silo. If the moisture is not correct, the drying process should be changed automatically.

Process Data

  • Customer: manufacturer of wood pellets (Germany)
  • Material: chipped wood
  • Transport means: screw conveyor
  • Installation location: screw conveyor after oven
  • Moisture: 3 - 8 %


After the drying process the material‘s moisture needs to be measured. The moisture is measured while the material is transported by a screw conveyor from the oven to the storage silo. Therefore, the M-Sens 2 is located on the underside of the screw conveyor. The detected value can be directly used to adapt the speed of the conveyor belt in the drying oven. In this way the drying process can be directly regulated.

Customer Benefit

  • optimal adjustment of the drying process
  • assurance of the product quality

Customer comments

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