Mold remediation resulting from Hurricane Katrina case study


Courtesy of EFI Global, Inc.

Service performed:
Mold remediation

To address water and mold damage incurred as result of Hurricane Katrina hitting the Mississippi coastal areas in 2005, EFI Global performed mold investigation, surveying, and remediation services at one of the nation’s leading facilities for the design, engineering, construction, and life cycle support of major surface ships for the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, international navies, and commercial vessels of all types. The property encompasses approximately 178 acres of land with approximately 82 various buildings including warehouses, storage facilities, and office buildings. The assessments included reviewing with building and engineering personnel background information relating to moisture intrusion by the hurricane. This was followed by walk-throughs to identify areas of visible moisture damage, collecting mold samples and analyzing the results in our on-site laboratory. Our experts provided work procedures and remediation protocols, remediation drawings of each area requiring remediation activities, and on-site personnel to monitor and observe the remediation activities. Following the cleanup of all water/mold damaged materials, our team performed visual inspections in addition to bioaerosol (viable and total fungal) air sampling to screen for the presence and relative abundance of airborne molds.

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