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Molds Design for Molding parts


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Mold Cavity Structural Design

* Integral Cavity  Directly cut cavity in the mold base plate advantage is that the processing cost is relatively low, but the molding plate material for making the mold base is usually common medium carbon steel which is short in service life if used as cavity parts, while selecting materials with high performance shall result in high production cost.Usually, for the mold and precision of plastic parts which are less than 10,000 times of molding,relatively low requirments are made;therefore, for molds of simple shape, integral structure can be adopted.

* Integral Embedded Cavity   Use high quality materials which are slightly larger than the external shape of the plastic parts to make the cavity parts and embed them into the molding plate.The advantage is that the service life of the cavity parts can be ensured and meanwhile the material cost is reduced. Furthermore, it is easy and coonvenient to repair and replace the cavity parts if they are damaged.

*Insertion and Splice Cavity  For cavities which are of complicated shapes or are damageable in certain parts, design the parts hard to be processed or easily damaged into insert form and embed them into the base plate of the cavity.For large and complicated cavity molds, the the four walls of the cavity can be separately processed and inlaid into the mold sleeve and finally fitted with the soleplate.

*Threaded Ring Cavity  Threaded ring cavity is a kind of active insert used to mold the outer thread of the plastic parts, which shall be out together with the parts after molding and dismounted outside the mold.To make it easy for assembly, the remainning parts are made into 3~5 obliquity, and a four-sided plane is modified at the lower extreme so that if will be convenient to screw it from the plastic parts with tools.

Usually Common application are integral embedded cavity and insertion and splice cavity.

Mold Core Structural Design

Integral core costs too many materials and the working load for cutting and processing amounts too high.Therefore, in modern mold structures hardly exists any such structure, which is  instead with integral embeded core and inlaying modular core.

Focare Mould always keep the design conceipt :help our customer realize the highest production capacity,longest mould service life and maintenance convenience in a economical way.


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