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Mondi local enterprise development - case study 2008

The city of Swiecie in Northern Poland has a population of 27,000, and another 100,000 people live within 30 kilometers. At 24%, the region’s high unemployment rate is a major concern for local residents. The 1990s saw the downsizing or closure of several large companies. No new large-scale investments creating local employment have been
realized. The city is a regional center for forest product companies (paper, pulp, wood processing and associated services). In addition to Mondi, there are at least two other corrugated paper producers and several small sawmills. Many small and medium businesses are materials and service providers to the regional and international paper industry.

Mondi is a global paper and plastic packaging group and is a specialist for office paper, containerboard, corrugated packaging solutions, kraft paper, industrial bags, extrusion coating, release liners and consumer flexibles solutions. Mondi has 112 production facilities in 34 countries and is dedicated to developing customized packaging solutions
for optimum protection and promotion of its customers’ products.

Mondi’s paper mill in Swiecie is an important site for the company. It is one of the largest paper factories in Poland, producing sack paper and corrugated case materials – kraftliner, testliner, semi-chemical fluting and waste-based fluting.
Mondi plays a significant role in the economic and social life of the local area. The mill is over 40 years old and has been the largest employer in the region for several years, directly and indirectly employing nearly 4,000 people.

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