Monitoring and Alarming Water Leaks in a Library Basement



CAS DataLoggers recently provided the monitoring and alarming solution for a library housing a number of rare books and documents in their basement record storage area. The library’s director needed a wireless device to detect when water entered the basement during the seasonal rains, and also needed alarming capabilities to give her instant email notification and text messages so her staff could take action at the earliest opportunity. The director called CAS DataLoggers to find a low-cost degradation prevention device with this advanced functionality which could also operate without PC support.

The library director installed a T&D RTR-500NW Wireless Data Logger Network Base Station on the wall at the bottom of the stairs and connected it to an Antx MS-2800 moisture sensor which CAS DataLoggers also provided. The base station featured built-in wireless communication and LAN capabilities, using a 10/100BaseT Ethernet interface.


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