Monitoring DMA level case study


ABIC, a leading provider of veterinary products chooses MonoScan to monitor the level of DMA (Dimethylamine) tank in one of its plants located in Israel.

ABIC, wholly owned by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, is Israel's largest veterinary products manufacturer. The company produces a wide range of vaccines for poultry and livestock and other animals. ABIC's plants are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to meet the requirements of the world-wide markets the company is serving.

The Problems

The plant engineers sought an ultrasonic measurement gauge to monitor the level of one of its DMA tanks. DMA or Dimethylamine (C2H7N) is an aqueous colorless solution with an ammonia-like odor. The material is also known be explosive and therefore requires the instrumentation installed in its surrounding to be approved for hazardous areas. To preserve the environment surrounding it, the DMA is stored in a steel tank with an external glass coating. Moreover, since the DMA is an aggressive chemical the environment inside the tank is highly corrosive and requires the ultrasonic sensor to be resistant in order to provide continuous and accurate level measurement results. In addition, the DMA tank is part of the final pharmaceutical product processing and therefore requires filling and emptying occasionally. Lastly, the plant's engineers demanded a compact ultrasonic gauge that could display the level measurement results on screen.

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