Monitoring Flow Rate in a Channel to Minimize Water Pollution



Recently a wastewater management district in Cleveland contacted CAS DataLoggers to supply an automated monitoring solution for their environmental project. In most cities, sanitary sewers and storm sewers were separate, so that storm water was diverted into a nearby lake. However, Cleveland had only one sewer available, so all of the flow went to the sewage treatment plant. Consequently, in times of heavy rainfall, the plant was not equipped to handle the deluge, so the sewage emptied into the lake. Therefore, to minimize this water pollution through better tunnel planning, the district needed to measure the flow rate in a water channel and into the tunnels. Workers needed an all-in-one system which could continually monitor the channel’s water levels and support convenient USB data collection since Ethernet connection could not be maintained and the device would be moved too often to make RS-232 communication feasible.

Personnel installed a dataTaker DT82E Intelligent Environmental Data Logger down a manhole, mounted to a bracket on the sewer wall in a waterproof enclosure also provided by CAS DataLoggers.


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