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Monitoring in case of emergency situations related to orphaned sources

Orphaned sources may cause serious accidents as history has shown and in the past few years, attention for malevolent use of radioactivity has grown considerably. Firstly, this paper describes the context of the problem. We propose to introduce a scheme for the prevention of loss or abuse of sources. This programme includes administrative measures for strong sources, controlling mechanisms and aspects of waste management. Secondly, we address basic requirements as regards monitoring given lost or stolen sources or if a contamination of unknown origin is identified. This paper pleads for well-trained emergency staff, for the presence of advanced equipments and expertise at national or regional level and for international collaboration where necessary. The main steps in an adequate response scheme are discussed and illustrated and the aftermath of the crisis (clean-up actions) is also discussed. Finally, we stress the importance of measurements in a context of information and openness.

Keywords: orphaned sources, radioactivity, detection, monitoring, contamination, radiological dispersal devices, safeguards, emergency response, emergency management, waste management, emergency preparedness, radiological emergency

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