Monitoring of Algae Growth by TOC Measurement


Courtesy of Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc

Global warming due to the excessive use of fossil fuels is becoming a problem which has prompted and accelerated the search for alternative fuels. Among the more attractive alternatives is biomass fuel, which is attracting considerable attention. Microalgae can be used for the production of oil without competing with food production, and to a greater extent than other biofuels, its productivity per unit time and area is high, while arable land selection possibilities are great.

The Shimadzu TOC-L Series combustion-type total organic carbon analyzer, with its powerful organic substance oxidation features, permits the complete oxidization and measurement of samples such as microalgae cell culture suspensions.

This paper presents an example of a unique application in which the TOC-LCPH total organic carbon analyzer was used to track the growth process of microalgae by directly measuring, without conducting any pretreatment, the TOC content in a suspended culture of microalgae cells.

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