Monlangroup retrofit of Cincinnati “full cycle recycler”


Courtesy of PRAB, Inc

Manufacturer purchases a recycling system that isn't meeting their need to extend the life of coolant and reduce coolant and disposal costs.


Compressed Air and Gas, Vacuum and Fluid Transfer

Tramp Oil Separator
Paper Roll Filter
Magnetic Bag Filter
Cartridge Filter

Business Benefits Realized

  • Extends coolant life and reduces new coolant purchases
  • ROI in under three months
  • Reduces hazardous waste volumes

One of the most frustrating circumstances is getting your hopes high when you buy something new and find later, once you’ve bought it, that it didn’t meet your expectations. Gardner-Denver, a successful Missouri manufacturer, felt that sting over ten years ago when they purchased a “Cincinnati Full Cycle Recycler.”

The hopes were to extend the useful life of their coolant. That goal was never attained. Once MonlanGroup had a chance to rectify the situation, they went from dumping their coolant down the drain to successfully implementing a weekly coolant-recycling program.

Coolant breakdown and tramp oils were a common occurrence and a frequent headache that prompted management to seek a change almost thirteen years ago. After a series of circumstances, a decision was made to try a Cincinnati unit in conjunction with a pasteurizer. The system delivered no noticeable signs of coolant improvement and soon became a holding tank for dispensing coolant.

MonlanGroup’s Missouri Representative, had a long-term relationship with this manufacturer and introduced them to MonlanGroup. After a survey of the production facility and an analysis of the coolant, MonlanGroup offered a combination of technologies
to enhance the capabilities of their existing equipment.

The solution MonlanGroup proposed incorporated a tramp oil separator, a paper roll filter, a magnetic bag filter, and a cartridge filter. This helped reduce the solids accumulations and ferrous particle buildups.

MonlanGroup’s magnetic bag filter features multiple, multi-polarity magnets for unsurpassed tramp metal removal. The magnetic bag filter is designed to attract microscopic ferrous impurities along the entire length of the magnetic bar. The unique multi-magnet configuration provides an extensive sphere of influence while still maintaining high process flow rates. The Mag Bag comes in a range of sizes and materials for virtually any liquid-based application.

The Hyde Tramp Oil Separator extends the productive life of soluble oil, semi-synthetic and synthetic coolants by removing free floating and mechanically dispersed tramp oils from the working fluid.

The modified unit has been in operation for over four months now. In that period, actual savings in reduced coolant costs have amounted to $22,300. Based on the $15,000 cost of the retrofit, it has paid for itself in less than three months.

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