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Monmouthshire Canal


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Terram Preserves Popular Canal

As part of the reinforcement of the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal in South Wales, engineers have specified Terram’s specialist geotextiles and cellular Erocell systems to prevent erosion on a section of the waterway.

The canal is a popular tourist attraction and engineers at British Waterways sought to stabilise the banks to preserve the canal. After reading about Terram in various civil engineers publications, British Waterways selected Terram’s products for a trial section of the canal.

The trial involved laying Terram’s geotextiles over the clay bank to provide a filter unit to protect the soil from erosion, followed by Terram’s cellular structure Erocell filled with aggregate to act as armour.

Canals and other waterways are subject to wave action which undermines bank stability. Terram’s range of geotextiles have hydraulic and filtration properties and so can be used instead of several layers of aggregate as a filter unit to form part of the defence structure needed to prevent erosion. Goetextiles have several advantages over traditional filtration methods as they are easy to install and can be specified in the desired size.

Erocell by TERRAM is a cellular confinement system which can prevent soil erosion by confining soil or aggregate within its cellular structure. Work on this section of the Monmouthshire and Brecon canal has now been completed with engineers very pleased with the outcome. Chris Rainger, principal engineer at British Waterways commented, “Terram’s geotextiles and Erocell were easy to install and the works went according to plan. We have been very pleased with the initial installation and hope to roll out a full programme of renovation along the rest of the canal.” TERRAM is one of the leading specialist manufacturers of geotextiles, goesynthetics and other technical textiles. Its range of products is used across a variety of application including civil engineering, railways and landscaping.

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