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The site, York House Holiday Park in the heart of the tiny hamlet of Balk near Thirsk, was experiencing problems
with the submersible pumps that are installed to handle the sewage and waste water from the caravan site. Solids within the waste water were blocking the submersible pumps, which meant lifting the pumps out of the sump to repair - a costly and labour intensive job. After receiving proposals from other companies the owners decided to choose Mono as not only did they offer a competitively priced solution, but their Projects and Installation Team could handle the complete project, from system design through to installation of the equipment. To solve the pump blockage problem, Mono installed a Series ‘A’ Muncher within the sump, utilizing the existing inlet pipe, by fitting a flexible connection. The Muncher effectively grinds any solids within the flow allowing the pumps to transfer the wastewater easily and eliminate any blockages. The Series ‘A’ Muncher is well proven in its ability to effectively macerate raw sewage, sewage screenings and sludges and various solids in industrial process flows, with thousands of installations throughout the world. The twin shaft, low speed Muncher is fitted with a series of interleaving cutters and spacers to provide positive solids grinding of all sewage flows. The differential speeds of the cutter stacks crush, crop and shear solids, allowing the macerated flow to pass through the cutter stacks for easy transfer to the next stage in the treatment process. The slow speed of the cutter shafts create slow cutter tip speeds and this dramatically reduces impact damage, wear rates and noise levels compared to high speed macerators. The Muncher was installed with a mounting frame and supplied with its own control panel, incorporating a logic control unit to sense and correct overloads, further preventing potential mechanical damage. Tim Brierley of York House Leisure commented; “Mono handled every aspect of the project which made the entire process very easy for me and my colleagues. The equipment has solved all our previous problems and has worked perfectly since it’s installation”.

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