Mono muncher crushes competition


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A Mono TR Muncher was initially installed on a successful six month trial basis, and after completing eighteen months continuous operation, it has suffered none of the wear problems which affected its predecessors. The presence of an effective and reliable macerator is essential to protect the process pumps which had previously been damaged by uncrushed crystals.

Mono’s TR Muncher is specifically designed for the efficient maceration of abrasive products. The lay back cutter
shafts are set at an angle to the incoming flow which makes the maceration much more effective and ensures the capture of irregular shaped objects; of particular importance in this case. The previous problems experienced with downstream process equipment have been eliminated with the TR Munchers effective handling and maceration of the entrained solids.

A particular advantage of the Mono Muncher in this application is its lower operating speed, higher torque and the
slower velocity of the abrasive product through the cutting chambers. As the Muncher was supplied with a 4kW motor, as opposed to the 5.5kW motor on the previous macerator, the customer benefits from an operational saving on power consumption.

The customer also requested a final particle size of 8.0mm which the Muncher effectively achieves using a specific cutter stack arrangement.
The Muncher has proven to be so successful in reducing operational costs, compared to the existing macerators, that INEOS Vinyl has ordered a second unit which will replace another of the existing macerators.

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