Mono nov helps retain the rural feel


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When designing the system, Nottingham based Control Engineers P.J. Brelsford & Son had to give careful consideration to the sensitivity of the application, located in an area of special interest, and within close proximity to the residents of the cottages.

The Mono Mutrator unit comprises a Mono progressing cavity pump and a centrifugal macerator. The Mutrator is
situated above a well that collects raw sewage from the hamlet. The suction of the pump lifts the sewage from the
well and into the macerating chamber. The Mono positive displacement Merlin pump offers the benefits of blockage-free operation and smooth transfer of the sewage through small bore pipes into the main sewage system for further treatment at Yorkshire Water’s Rosedale WWTW.

The only electricity supply available was the rural mains which is a different voltage to conventional mains. Mono was able to supply units configured to operate from the rural mains at a voltage of 480v single phase to achieve quiet, vibration free operation.

Able to process sewage at a rate of 15m3/h, the system is ideal to meet the requirements of the small community. The well is fitted with level controllers so that when the sewage reaches a certain point it is automatically emptied by the pump, and once emptied the system cuts out, thus ensuring low energy consumption and reliable, cost-effective operation.

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