Mono nov holds the key to sewer improvements


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Previously there was no screening treatment in place, and stormwater was discharged directly into the River Lune.
The improvement project, fully designed and managed on behalf of United Utilities by Bechtel, involved constructing a low level chamber, incorporating nine L Series Discreens®, and three Series ‘A’ Munchers®, to screen and condition screenings before discharging the clean water into the River Lune. The screenings are pumped offsite for treatment by United Utilities. The process complies with stringent consents laid down by the Environmental Agency and the project was completed on schedule.

United Utilities devised the system to intercept the millrace and direct it to the screening chamber, which was constructed by civil engineering contractors Harbour & General. Mono were the only company able to supply the necessary machinery to match the demanding specification.

Mono designed the system with all Discreens and Munchers supplied with stainless steel guide rail systems to allow installation and removal of all equipment to and from the chamber 7 metres below ground. The benefits of the stand alone package are that each piece of equipment can be lifted out individually by crane, co-ordinated from the ground, thereby ensuring ease of use, maintenance and increased safety for operators at Lancaster City Council.

The L Series Discreen, specifically designed to minimise pollution risk, is constructed from a series of cantilevered shafts, each fitted with overlapping and intermeshing, high impact, engineered polymer discs, which provide a gentle conveying action of solids across the face of the screen to the discharge point.

The Series ‘A’ Muncher is fitted with a series of interleaving cutters and spacers providing positive solids grinding of the sewage flow.

Mono’s ability to configure the Discreens and Munchers in such a way that so many are placed in a confined space,
ensures the efficient screening of all stormwater.

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