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Mono NOV plays a major part in waste water treatment facilities for Dover Harbour Board. There are more than 18 Mono products installed on the site, ranging from energy saving Mutrators to versatile Merlin pumps and Munchpumps, the combination of an SB Muncher and Mono p.c. pump. A pump from the MD Range was the first Mono pump to be installed on site back in the 1970’s and this pump is still working well.

Following the recent development of the amenity block, Dover Harbour Board therefore turned to Mono to fulfil their waste water requirements.

A pumping system was required to handle the sewage from the five toilets, five sinks and four showers installed
in the new development. Minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency were key factors in the decision to install
the Grifter Packaged Pump Station by local contractor Six Mile Excavators. A key advantage for the contractor is the Grifter’s ease of installation – it can be fully operational within 2 hours, and with a low speed, low running costs, low power and lower wear are achieved.

The system consists of 2 (duty and standby) Grifter sewage pumps, complete with all necessary suction and delivery pipework to connect to the rising main. The pumps are housed in an insulated glassfibre reinforced plastic kiosk, assembled in-house and simply delivered to site ready to install, a major improvement in time, cost saving and ease of installation.

The pumps are housed above the sewage in a dry enclosure, a suction pipe into the sump lifts the sewage for maceration and then pumps the wastewater to the main sewer. The system enables light and heavy objects to be hydraulically separated preventing heavy rogue objects from damaging the pump, a feature not available with sump
bottom submersible pumps. The Grifter has a dry enclosure for easy access during maintenance and the double skinned insulation enclosure ensures low noise levels, an ideal solution for public amenities.

The system uses small bore pipes which reduces the risk of septicity and incorporates easily visible display lamps
indicating pump function and sump level conditions, which give advance warning of any problems and reduce the risk of subsequent damage.

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