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The W Range pump has been installed at the primary stage of production, to transfer solid organic matter from the
filtration unit to the reactor. The filter cake is discharged into a stainless steel hopper, which is fitted with sprinklers to help re-slurry the solids. The pump then transfers the slurry back to the reactor vessel. The purpose of the system is to recover the organic acid used in the process.

Due to the high viscosity of the solid organic matter the W Range pump was one of the few pumps able to meet the
specifications of the application.

The customer previously had to transfer the filter cake from the filter back to the reaction manually using stainless steel bins. The equipment from Mono ensures that the process can run automatically.

One of the key considerations for Lundbeck was to make a positive contribution to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). The W Range pump enables the process to run faster, more efficiently and cleaner, as the filter
cake remains intact as it is transferred into the hopper, reducing the need for further handling.

In order to exactly match the requirements of the application, Mono was able to adapt the standard unit to incorporate a customised hopper to ensure that all the medium is gathered into the throat of the pump. The pump
baseplate was supplied on wheels enabling it to be moved along the filter.

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