Mono nov muncher in the pipeline for united utilities


Courtesy of National Oilwell Varco

Prior to the installation, United Utilities was experiencing equipment blockages, caused by a high percentage of rag content in the sludge, imported by road tankers from outlying rural treatment works. Inlet screens had been installed to protect the equipment from blockages, but they provided only a partial solution.

The twin shaft, low speed, TR Muncher is installed on the tanker discharge pipeline, connected to a centrifugal
pump and is reducing turnaround time on off-loading by preventing blockages.

Macerating the primary thickened sludge at a rate of 70m3/h, the twin shafts operate at different speeds, promoting a tearing action on the solids, whilst the low cutter tip speeds ensure maximum efficiency and minimum noise levels. The layback cutter stacks are set at an angle to the incoming flow to reduce the possibility of damage by rogue materials, any rejected material drops clear of the shafts. These features are some of the low maintenance advantages of the unit. Moreover, the pull out cutter stack allows easy removal without disturbing
the pipeline.

The design of the Muncher incorporates an intelligent auto reverse sequence controller, which enables the Muncher to unblock itself and restart automatically, without the need for the tanker drivers to intervene.

Mono provided a single source solution, manufacturing, supplying and installing the equipment. Their after-sales service, that includes a very efficient maintenance and Service Exchange Program, was also an added benefit to the customer.

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