Mono nov offers best solution for hoburne development group


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One of their existing pumps was to remain working whilst the installation of the new Munchpump packages was being carried out, in order to ensure their holiday makers suffered no inconvenience. Mono was able to guarantee this.

The Munchpump package consists of two Compact C range progressing cavity pumps and two SB Munchers®, in a duty-standby arrangement, transferring the effluent at 10m3/h to the main sewerage system. The Muncher macerates any solids within the flow to a small particle size, therefore protecting the pumps from any large solids, which could cause blockages. The Munchers make light work of this maceration process, as each shaft is fitted with a series of interleaving cutters that allow liquid to pass through, trapping the solids and macerating with their high torque cutting action. Low operating and cutter tip speeds dramatically reduce mechanical wear and also offers greatly reduced noise levels when compared to high speed macerators.

Combining a Mono progressing cavity pump with a Mono Muncher allows the use of small bore pipework, typically 50mm, which is a more cost effective solution to the traditional 100mm rising main sewer and offers the further
advantage of eliminating the risks of solids settling and septicity. As the equipment is surface mounted and installed in a clean, dry environment, access for maintenance is more user friendly than submersible pumps, with no need to lift equipment out of dirty sumps and one-man accessibility.

Munchpumps can consume less than 50% of the energy of a comparable submersible pump and the SB Muncher is so reliable as a sewage macerator, that a 3 year warranty is offered.

“Having used Mono before, we knew that they offered the best solution to our installation issues at this location.
They could install the new pumping system without incurring problems of temporary storage or sewerage back up” commented Mike Pitman, Director of Hoburne Development Company.

For Hoburne, as a matter of public health, it is vital that the pumping system works effectively, therefore its choice of Mono pumps was well placed. Total design and full mechanical and electrical installation were carried out by Mono’s experienced projects team.

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