Mono nov pulls out all the stops at shanganagh


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Members of Dun Laoghaire and Rathdown Council were looking for a method of solids removal at the STW, which serves 45,000 people in the South Dublin area. Mono was awarded the contract to provide a full solids removal system comprising new equipment from Mono to work in conjunction with 4 existing comminutors, offering solids screening of up to 18 million gallons of effluent a day.

The flow was redirected through the inlet channel to bypass the existing comminutors so they could be taken out of service and used only as standard, should effluent flow exceed 10 million gallons/day.

After the process flow has been screened and ground by the Discreen and Muncher respectively, the screenings are washed, compacted and de-watered, before being removed by a helical conveyor and transferred for landfill. This process ensures minimal organics removal and maximum inorganics removal. Water, taken from a near by river, is used for washing and is pumped through spray nozzles, onto the screenings by the compact progressing cavity pump.

A key requirement of the project was to trial the system for six months during which time modifications were made to achieve the best results possible. To ensure optimum handling of the volume of solids in the effluent flow, particularly after heavy rainfall, Mono increased the motor size on the Muncher to accommodate the occasional high flow of solids.

After the trial period, extracted screenings were assessed on volume and cleanliness, to ensure the integrity of
the system. Dun Loaghaire Rathdown Council has been very satisfied with the results obtained, and has since purchased the unit.

Mono can now offer a viable option for extraction duties, devising a system to ensure minimal civil works and incorporating existing equipment.

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