Mono nov touches down at manchester airport


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Leading construction companies Amec and Carillion joined forces in the £172 million project to build Manchester
Airports second runway and turned to Mono to provide a Mutrator sewage pumping system for the new fire station.

The Mutrator pumping system consists of two industrial progressing cavity (p.c.) pumps and two M18D macerators. The system was supplied with all interconnecting pipework and enclosed above ground in a double-doored GRP kiosk. The positive displacement action of the pump lifts the sewage and wastewater from the sump into the macerator for disintegration and then transfer to the mainline sewer at a capacity of 11m3/h. Any unacceptable solids fall back out of suspension into the sump for periodic removal. This avoids any pump damage that usually occurs with submersible pumps.

By finely macerating the sewage before pumping, the customer benefits from small bore pumping. Small bore rising main costs are reduced and the rising main can be installed by mole plough or slit trench methods saving considerable sums over open trench excavations. The flexibility of small bore pipe also gives greater freedom of choice in routing layouts, and will easily follow ground contours.

The Mutrator pumping system is located in a dry, above sewage, location. This ensures an easier, cleaner and more
acceptable maintenance environment, with reduced level of sump entry risks associated with equipment submerged in sewage. There is no need to haul the equipment out of festering sump bottoms for maintenance work.

Being a positive displacement pump, head is independent of speed. This combined with correct pump selection leads to low wear rates, minimal spares usage, lower running costs, less downtime and hence Least Whole Life Costs. On many high head pumping duties, Mutrators can consume less than 50% of the energy of conventional sewage pumps.

The Mutrator sewage pumping system installed at Runway 2 allows all sewage and wastewater from the fire station to be easily transferred to the main line sewer at the lowest practical cost, effectively and reliably.

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