Mono nov wipes out delays for detergent manufacturer


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Flexichem produces a range of detergents at its base in Cheshire, for use in transport, catering, textile, food
and brewing industries, these are sold under different brand names. Having encountered delays using a gravity feed method to fill containers, Flexichem approached Mono to provide a solution. Versatility and durability were key
factors in the decision to use a compact progressing cavity pump, to quickly and efficiently transfer different liquids ranging from water softening agents through to more hazardous products, such as sodium hydroxide liquor with minimum downtime.

The compact pumps can handle a variety of chemical solutions, making it an ideal choice for this particular application. Capable of achieving capacities up to 225m3/h and pressures up to 24 bar, the pump installed transfers the detergents at 4000 l/h and 0.41 bar pressure, ensuring a fast and effective transfer to the containers.

Stuart Walker, Company Director has been particularly pleased with the installation and commented, “We have
successfully used Mono pumps for over fifteen years on this site, so they were the obvious choice when it came to
choosing new pumps. We had a Mono installed in the early 1980’s that is still in use today, and it continues to be both durable and efficient”.

“Mono considered our specifications and recommended the compact pump which is ideally suited to handling the different types of product that we produce, and has overcome the delay problems we were suffering with the
previous system.”

With positive displacement for process control and variable speed for accurate dosing, the rotor/drive train utilises an upgraded sealed pin joint design, to maximise life and minimise downtime. A plug-in shaft fixing facilitates assembly and dismantling for repairs and maintenance and overall pump reliability is supported by modular component design, which minimises the cost of stocking spare parts.

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