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These cleaning solutions require delicate handling i.e. pumping, mixing and filtering to produce a pure solution with no aeration or foaming, which would interfere with the accurate metering and dosing of the chemicals involved. The Compact C progressing cavity pump, ith its gentle shearing action and capacity for handling viscous or difficult to handle fluids, forms a central part of the automated, programmable logic controller mixing system which controls the precise metering of the chemicals which is crucial to the manufacturing process.

As the pump processes a variety of chemicals at differing flow rates, a stainless steel option was specified
together with a variable speed drive. The positive displacement action of the Mono pump gives flow rates which are
proportional to pump rotational speed and therefore process control is made easier, especially with a variable speed drive – the pump speed and therefore the capacity can be quickly changed by the logic controller to suit the required process.

Mono’s Compact C Range progressing cavity pumps are specifically manufactured and designed to fit into compact spaces whilst reliably performing to the maximum duty requirements of whatever application they are employed in.

The reliability of the pumps and of Mono as a company was a significant factor in the specification to this application. Engineers at ZOK International had worked with Mono in the past and they were the first port of call when searching for a pump manufacturer.

“A primary concern in an application such as this is that the equipment is reliable and well built. Though there
are cheaper manufacturers out there, it’s worth paying a little more to have complete peace of mind.”

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