Mono provides fresh drinking water for coopi in north uganda


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The unrest in Northern Uganda has presented a grave challenge and for almost 20 years. Armed groups have been generating panic and fear along a large area of the country. Constant threats present never ending military confrontation with the national army forcing hundreds of thousands of people to leave their homesteads and gather in refugee camps.

Living conditions in the camps have always been awful, despite efforts from Aid organisations. One of the major problems is insufficient supply of fresh drinking water. The Sphere Project guidelines that the Aid Organisations work toward are to supply 7.5 - 15 litres of safe drinking water per person per day. Hand pumps are not able to supply enough water to meet the needs of the camps resulting in long queuing for water. Motorised pumping systems must be used to meet the demand, but the remote location of the camps make it very difficult to keep up with the supply of diesel fuel to run the pumps.

COOPI (Cooperazione Internazionale) together with ISP, an Italian NGO, were the first to propose installing solar pumping systems in the North Ugandan IDP camps in 2003. There was strong scepticism as to whether solar pumping could provide the solution to this problem. With persistence from the aid organisations it has been proven that Mono Solar Water Pumps are ideal for this application and now many other organisations have introduced solar pumps into their programmes.

“The way solar water pumping systems impact on the local community of the IDP camps is terrific”, said Mr Ferloni from COOPI. “The Mono Solar Systems are more effective than diesel pumps and they require very little maintenance, whilst the diesel power ones require daily care. This results in regular provision of water for the communities.”

Prior to the installation of the Mono Solar Pumping system, the population of 36,500 from the Aloi Camp would rely on less than 6 litres per person per day. With the installation of the Mono system an additional 40,000 litres per day is supplied, increasing the average supply to 7.3 litres per person/per day.

COOPI are strongly committed to continuously installing solar systems to solve the water shortage problem and are always looking at getting the maximum amount of water for the lowest possible cost.

The solar systems pictured use 1200 Watts of solar modules on two tracking arrays to produce around 40,000 Litres of water per day. There are now 10 similar systems running in IDP camps in North Uganda. Mono Pumps is currently working with COOPI to supply even larger systems using 2100 Watts of solar modules that will produce +60,000 Litres of water per day.

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