Mono provides packaged system benefits for prestigious hotel


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Designed specifically to meet domestic requirements for handling raw sewage, the Mono Grifter system first uses
a macerator to reduce solids within the flow to small particles, making it suitable for onward pumping by a Mono
progressing cavity pump. The Grifter system incorporates a 0.75 kW motor, plus suction and delivery pipework, non-return valves and rising main isolator valves, which are all factory pre-assembled into an insulated and
reinforced glass-fibre housing.

The macerator acts as an effective protection device for the pump, whose suction capacity is used to draw effluent
from the sump into the cutting chamber. Fibrous materials, paper and textiles are macerated by the impeller, while
heavier and more solid objects fall out of suspension and back into the sump for easy removal. The positive displacement action of the pump means that head is independent of speed, allowing slow speed operation while maintaining high head pressure. This contributes towards low wear rates, increased component life and subsequently, low maintenance costs.

The Grifter’s ability to both macerate and pump allows the use of low-cost, small bore rising mains. Combining all
components into a single, insulated and lockable housing greatly eases the tasks of site delivery and installation, and means that a Grifter unit can be fully operational within 2 hours of arrival. The housing’s design allows easy and hygienic maintenance access and includes an integral control panel.

The various models in the Grifter range can handle capacities of between 1.7 and 4.0m3/h at pressures up to 3 bar, making them ideal for use in golf clubs, railway stations, marinas and other groups of populated, but remote properties.

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