Mono withstands cornwall’s harsh oceanic climate


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The feasibility of a new solar powered pumping system under UK conditions has been proven by its installation at a National Trust site in Cornwall. The site has a special combination of magnesium rich serpentine rocks, their waterlogged soils and the highly oceanic climate of the most southerly location of the British Isles have led to a unique range of heath-land habitats with a remarkable array of plants and animals rare in the UK that must be protected for the benefit the Nation.

In this application, a Mono Sun-Sub has been installed to provide water for the cattle which will graze the Predannack Airfield Nature Conservation Area in the summer months. The cattle are critical to maintaining the natural habitat and delicate ecosystem of this conservation area.

The Mono Sun-Sub, installed by Pump & Farm Supplies, is ideal for the remote 350 hectare area which is in the West Lizard Site of special scientific interest, overseen by the National Trust and owned by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) who operate an airfield there. The Mono Solar pump was selected because it can withstand the harsh oceanic climate; operate unattended in the remote areas and has the lowest possible impact on the environment.

The completion and signing off of the Predannack Airfield Nature Conservation Management plan in September 2005 and the arrival of funding from the MoD means that long-term implementation of the plan will now become a reality so that the wildlife can be managed on a secure and sustainable basis.

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