MonoScan and the indian monsoon case study


MONOSCAN and the Indian Monsoon

SolidAT MONOSCAN is the basis for a remote monitoring and alert solution against flood conditions in India.

  • The challenges During the Monsoon season, agricultural lands are flooded near by the city of Aurangabad, State of Maharashtra in India. The local Government required an alert solution to remotely monitor the river level and determine when water should be released through the river dam. A remote wireless solution was required withstanding locally harsh rainy conditions. 
  • The Solution SolidAT provided a total solution based on the MONOSCAN system for continuously measuring the river water level. The system is connected to a GSM modem via a 4-20mA interface. The solution provides periodic SMS reports and special alerts indicating dangerous water levels. The MonoScan is attached to the top of a pump tower, 15 meters above minimum water level and accurately measures the river level at harsh outdoor conditions. SMS messages are received in the supervisor cellphone and are also received at a central control station where a third solution provides continuous situation awareness information.  


SolidAT provides all that is required for successfully coping with the Monsoon: SolidAT MONOSCAN system, GSM modem, GSM antenna and a local power supply. All components are sealed in a vandalism-proof box allowing the ultrasonic wave to escape through the bottom hole.

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