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Monroe, Wisconsin Installations - Case Study


Courtesy of Pulsed Hydraulics, Inc.

Mix a 130’ diameter EQ tank with an average of 14’ operating depth that contains cheese processing waste.

The tank contents must be kept anaerobic with no more than .2 mg/L of D.O. The TSS must be no more than 10% variance between top and bottom measurements. The D.O. and TSS readings must be taken at six different test points.

PHI provided 16 bubble forming plates located in the tank pursuant to the CFD model. The system included two 4-valve mixers, each with an Allen-Bradley PLC and a rotary screw compressor sized to provide 18 hp of mixing energy.

PHI took 21 readings of TSS and D.O. at three different levels with the customer's engineer. Highest D.O. measurement equaled .04 mg/L and largest TSS variance was 2.2%. System performing and accepted as designed.

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