More companies save money by tracking their supply chain carbon emissions

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New report found that more companies and suppliers have lowered costs from cutting energy and fuel in their supply chains. The Carbon Disclosure Project’s latest supply chain report undertaken by A.T. Kearney has shown that more major companies are tracking their supply chain carbon emissions, and many, along with their suppliers, are also saving money from reducing carbon emissions. The report looks at what the 57 members of its Supply Chain program and 1,000 of their suppliers have been doing to integrate climate change into their businesses.

The supply chain report found that 86% of member companies worked with their suppliers on carbon-related activities in 2010, representing a considerable jump from the 46% that collaborated with suppliers in 2009. More than 50% of member companies and 25% of suppliers say they've lowered costs from cutting down on energy and fuel, which have also reduced their carbon emissions. This sends a message to other suppliers that aren't tracking or tackling their carbon emissions.

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