More room for luxury - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

Fashionable Hilton Arc de Triomphe Paris hotel saw an instant cost reduction of 80% on waste disposal. The simple solution was to install a baler, which earned its keep in less than three months.

Red carpets, polished doorknobs, and hall porters ready to hold the door and carry your luggage. This is everyday life at a luxury hotel. Less glamorous are the many tons of waste to dispose of every week. A baler saves trouble, money, and carbon dioxide on waste disposal.

From 20 to 4 waste containers

Before installing the baler, the hotel would dispose of twenty container-loads of waste every day. In Spring 2007, French Bramidan distributor, Axiome, changed this when they put a baler model X25, in the hotel basement. Since then, daily waste output has amounted to only four containers. The hotel has saved huge amounts in waste container rents and collection. This new waste disposal system is environment beneficial as well.

“Thanks to the baler we now sort our waste types. This means that we actually get paid for some of the waste, which can be used for recycling. So we take care of the environment and save money at the same time”, explains George, chief supervisor of the hotel.

Much easier workflow

The hotel is buzzing with busy members of staff – providing each guest with a luxury experience requires hard work backstage. To the hotel staff the new waste disposal system has lightened their workload. Twenty containers take up a lot of space and there used to be severe regulations on the handling of the tons of hotel waste:

“The containers could only be pulled out on the pavement at 5 am, when most of the staff was gone! The hotel is located in a highly touristy area and a lot of people are strolling late at night. Local authorities required that we pull the containers out just before their collection. Otherwise, the hotel would be fined”.

As the amount of waste has been reduced from twenty to four container-loads, authorities have become less restrictive – since the hotel waste no longer blocks the entire pavement.

“The containers can now be pulled out on the pavement at 2 am, when the staff is still on duty which is a great help”, George concludes.

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