More space, less costs - Case Study


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With 225 autocentres across France, Norauto has four branches in the department of Sarthe alone. The Norauto centre in Le Mans South, esta-blished in 1987, is situated in the Avenue Georges Durand, opposite the Carrefour retail centre in the Vauguyon business park, which accommodates about ten companies. The Norauto autocentre employs thirty people and has an annual turnover of almost €4 million.

50% less space
“Our previous treatment solution was greedy on space – and costly,” explains Caroline, Waste Treatment Manager. “We were leasing a big container to treat our mixed waste, and we didn’t really have an effective sorting system. There was no compaction of cardboard, and we only had complex working rutines when handling waste. On top of the leasing costs, we had collection and treatment expenses.” Now, sorting is better organised, with a small skip for scrap metal and another for different waste.

Installed behind the shop, the baler is used for cardboard waste only. It takes up 50% less space than the previous container and it offers enhanced effectiveness and efficiency. “After only ten days’ use, we have produced three bales of 250–300 kg each, which is almost a hundred kilos a day,” says Caroline. “The frequency of collection is yet to be determined, but once every five or six weeks should be sufficient – which will contribute to lowering costs, as well as reducing our personnel’s daily workload.'

Perfect integration, every day
'We take deliveries twice a week,” adds Caroline. “Our products are packaged in cardboard of widely varying densities and sizes – some is really sturdy. Now all cardboard waste is sent to the baler and we compact it during the day. This new solution is very convenient: we unpack our deliveries and the waste is immediately thrown into the baler.” To date, ten Norauto centres have chosen to invest in a baler. “Each autocentre sorts and treats waste in its own way,” explains centre director Mr Duhayer, “but when a branch needs a baler, the choice of the Bramidan X25 is a nationwide Norauto policy.”

In summary, the X25 delivers clear economic advantages by eliminating the leasing and treatment costs required by the previous setup. The new solution improves and simplifies sorting and handling of waste, and represents a significant space gain.

About Norauto
Norauto is one of Europe’s leading autocentre chains, specialising in the sale of products and accessories, services and workshop servicing in the automotive market. Launched in 1970, Norauto is now an international brand with a presence in 7 countries: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Argentina and Hungary. Primarily consisting of a branch network, the company develops large and small auto centres, most often located in high-traffic business zones.

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