Morgan Sindall Group Sustainability Report 2013 - case study


A review of Morgan Sindall Group’s progress along its roadmap, demonstrating top-level commitment to sustainability and examples of achievement.

The client

Morgan Sindall Group plc is a leading UK construction and regeneration group with revenue of over £2.1 billion, which operates through five divisions of construction and infrastructure, fit out, affordable housing, urban regeneration and investments, employing circa 5,700 people. 

The challenge

To produce both comprehensive and summarised sustainability reports that followed industry leading sustainability processes and practices. This involved following and making reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines as well as managing and facilitating a materiality assessment across a divisionalised business structure. The final reports had to be issued along side the annual report.

What did IMS do?

IMS Consulting worked with Morgan Sindall Group at every stage of the reporting process starting with a thorough stakeholder consultation, the output being a detailed materiality matrix highlighting priority sustainability factors that needed to be referenced in the report. IMS then worked with Morgan Sindall Group on the report structure, helping to collate information from the different divisions ensuring that it the same look and feel as the annual report.

What was the outcome?

Morgan Sindall took a leadership position by being one of the first companies to even attempt to design a sustainability report around the GRI G4 guidelines as well as promoting sustainability excellence by creating both a full and summary report to ensure the report was accessible to a wider audience.  The engagement process conducted by IMS was highlighted as rigorous and excellent best practice by the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC).

Customer comments

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