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Motorcycle & Scooter Testing - Modular Chassis Dyno`s - Case Study


Courtesy of Sierra Instruments, Inc.


Sierra CP designs modular chassis dynamometers controlled by CADET software to provide a cost effective solution for the testing of motorcycles & scooters on the single roll set.  A twin roller version accommodates three-wheeler, quad-bike and sub-compact city type vehicles. For specific high performance motorcycles alternative dynamometer options are available.

Key Performance Features:

  • Maximum speed 200 km/h
  • Maximum power 84 – 200 km/h; 60 kW
  • Automatic compensation of bearing losses
  • Reduced installation and commissioning program with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Compact design of the center machine reduces the pit / foundation requirements
  • AC drive & motor technology for fast response and extended inertia simulation
  • Future proof dynamometer and control system with CADET upgrades


  • Emissions
  • Durability
  • Robot Drivers
  • Performance testing
  • Quality audit
  • Mileage accumulation
  • Research and development

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