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Moulds cost of Polishing


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Moulds cost of Polishing

Eevn with increasing mechnaization of the polishing process, there is still considerable time required to finish a mold. The Polishing time depends on the skill of the polisher, the quality of finish, the preceding machining operation,and on the hardness and quality of the material to be polished. Often, the as machined surface may be perfectly suitable for apperance of the product and for ejection. It is the responsibility of the designer to specity the minimum finish consistent with operation and product requirments for eeach mold part. A fine grinding finish or the surface as created by EDM is often all that is required. Too fine a fnish may be a waste of money and even be counter productive, also, over polishing may actually destroy a preiously flat surface by entering softer areas of the surface and creating waves, called an orange peel effect.


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