Moving Floor Systems Take a Load Off

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Scott Krause knows the time-consuming and labor-intensive hassle of having to manually unload a truck filled with paper documents destined for destruction and shredding. That situation has occurred occasionally at CDI Vaults in Eugene, Ore., when a driver has forgotten to reverse the non-continuous conveyor belt in one of the company’s three trucks. “Where we run into problems is when the driver gets in a hurry to unload the load and forgets to reverse the conveyor belt,” says Krause, the company’s sales manager. “If he forgets to rewind it and we fill the truck up again, it will take a couple of hours to hand dig all the paper out because you don’t have a conveyor belt. All you have at that point is a box truck.” That situation doesn’t happen with the company’s other trucks, which are equipped with “moving floor” systems. “With the moving floor, it’s impossible for that to happen,” Krause says. CDI, launched in 1988 as a records management company, started its mobile shredding service in 2005.

There are several moving floor and continuous conveyor floor systems on the market — with at least one more in the works — to meet the needs of mobile document destruction and shredding companies. Vendors include Keith Mfgr. Co., Hallco Industries, Inc., Axo Shredders Corp., and newcomer Weaver Mulch. Keith, Hallco and Weaver provide their systems to truck and trailer manufacturers. Axo incorporates its belt system into its own vehicles.

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