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MPT CASE STUDY: Accomplishing Zero Discharge at a Major Gravure Printing Facility


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The Opportunity

The gravure printing industry comprises primarily of three business sectors; publications, packaging and product printing. The gravure printing process utilizes cylindrical printing plates that contain images that were produced by etching away copper. The waste rinse water contains low levels of copper ions that must be removed before discharging the wastewater. Zero discharge is the objective.


The Solution

A major international company recently installed a very sophisticated computer-controlled printing process that requires very little labor to operate. The company’s objectives identified a goal of zero wastewater discharge with a minimal capital outlay and nominal requirements for operating labor.


 The company requested MPT to complete a needs assessment to determine the methodologies to meet these objectives. MPT's sales & technical staff interviewed the company's operating staff and determined that MPT's ion exchange service rental program would meet the client's objectives and provide the most cost effective solution. Upon completion of a pilot verification test, the service rental program was implemented.


The Value

MPT’s expertise in heavy metal removal from industrial wastewater saved the printing company from spending thousands of dollars in engineering and environmental consultants and conserved in-house labor. Since the start-up of the zero discharge system, our client has benefited from the following:

• Zero discharge of wastewater

• Zero generation and disposal of heavy metal sludge

• Significantly less regulatory paperwork

• Minimum labor for monitoring and controlling a zero discharge system

• Zero exposure to hazardous regeneration chemicals

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