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MPT CASE STUDY: Improvement in Quality of Product at a Fine Chemicals Manufacturer


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The Opportunity

A major manufacturer of fine chemicals experienced quality problems with a neutriceutical product they produced. The product, like all FDA approved products, has very high standards of quality. The company experienced occasional off-spec batches of product due to variations in a flow additive. The flow additive consisted of an extremely fine (< 1micron) material. The company did not have the capability to reprocess the material and therefore experienced an accumulation of a significant inventory of off-spec product.


 The Solution

The company turned to MPT to solve the challenging separation problem. MPT utilized the HyperFlux™ advanced membrane filtration technology to remove the sub-micron additive. The method consisted of processing a very hot aqueous solution of the neutriceutical through a proprietary inorganic membrane system capable of operating at temperatures in excess of 100º C. The product contained non-detectable amounts of the flow additive and met first grade product specifications. The MPT membrane filtration system solved the problem.


The Value

The client was able to reduce a large inventory of off-spec product and thereby reduce expense and improve cash flow. The client's decision to outsource this difficult problem to MPT was key to its solution.

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