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MPT CASE STUDY: MPT`s `Fast Tracking` Yields Significant Quality Improvements at a Leading Manufacturer of Chemical Fibers


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The Opportunity

A major international manufacturer of chemical fibers was experiencing production yield problems at one of their polyurethane fiber (chemical fiber) manufacturing plants.


The production process involved the use of a proprietary solvent to dry spin the polyurethane polymer into chemical fibers. The spent solvent was purified by conventional distillation and recycled. However, the recycled solvent did not meeting the high quality standards required for the dry spinning process. Impurities were not completely removed during distillation, which caused severe breakage and yield problems. The downtime and maintenance costs were excessive and plant profitability was sinking.


The Solution

The client requested MPT to investigate methods that would purify the distilled solvent to a much higher quality level. The MPT lab and engineering groups formed a process improvement team with the mission of solving the problem and rapidly implementing the solution.


A solution to remove impurities and enhance solvent quality was identified and the process modifications were implemented within three months from the client’s inquiry. The solution employed MPT’s HyperSorb™ Advanced Sorption Technology to address the extremely low level of impurities that had to be removed to meet the high quality specifications.


The Value

The HyperSorb™ solvent purification process was installed and operational within a nominal time frame. This rapid implementation capability resulted in the client receiving commercial benefits a year sooner than anticipated. MPT 's “Fast-Track” implementation methodology resulted in greater than expected return for the customer. Moreover, operating performance of the HyperSorb™ solvent purification system is exceeding design specifications by 25%. As a result, quality has dramatically increased and the customer's competitive advantage continues to grow.

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